Bantam Wallet™

The thinnest, customizable, RFID blocking, leather wallet.

The Bantam Wallet™ is made from super tough kangaroo leather. It's durable, light and perfect for any sized pocket with the added benefit of RFID blocking to stop thieves scanning your credit cards or stealing your identity. You can RFID block the whole wallet, half, or none!
It also keeps approximately 12 cards, as well as folded cash, secure and invisible to wandering eyes when you open it, and there is no risk of anything falling out.

With our thinnest Bantam Wallet™ coming in at only 2.3mm thin, you'll love your minimalist Bantam Wallet™ every time you put it in your pocket.

Handmade in Australia using Australian leather.

Each wallet includes 2x RFID Blocking Cards.

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